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Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement/Installs

Residents of North Carolina will admit that the June – August, humidity can make the summer challenging. That’s why it’s vital for your air conditioning system to run at peak efficiency. Whether you are searching for a new air conditioner or just need yours fine-tuned for the journey; Raleigh Comfort Services here is here to provide for all of your HVAC needs.


Air Conditioning Service & Repair

It seems like, central air conditioners decide to stop operating when it’s the most troublesome for you and that normally falls on one of the hottest days of the year. That’s why our team of service professionals are on call 24/7 to provide excellent service to make your home cool and comfortable again.

We provide extensive service and maintenance for all types and brands of HVAC units. We have fully-stocked trucks to ensure we can make any needed repairs on site.

We also offer:

  • Service on all brands of HVAC units
  • Insured factory-trained technicians
  • Industry-trained, professional technicians available 24/7 every day of the year


AC Unit Maintenance

Avoid costly repairs, and keep your heating and air conditioning running at peak performance all season with tune-ups and service maintenance plans. Our technicians estimate that 82% of the repairs they see, may have been eliminated or reduced by a regular maintenance program. Much like maintaining your car, it pays to keep your home’s most expensive and complex appliance (not to mention potentially dangerous) in its peak operating condition. Want to learn more? Start with an HVAC Inspection to keep your air conditioning system running at it’s best.


New Air Conditioning Installation

At Raleigh Comfort Services we specialize in installations of AC units for residential and commercial clients. We are devoted to keeping all of our clients in the Wake County and surrounding areas completely comfortable inside of their homes and places of business.

Whether you need a unit installed in a single residence, an apartment complex, or a commercial building, we can handle the job right the first time around. You can count on our expert technicians to handle the job.

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